About Caroline Shotton

What could you want to know about me? I’ve been painting cows for over 15 years. My studio is always full of ideas for titles, cow puns, composition and techniques scribbled on bits of paper and things like receipts. I’m always looking for inspiration. Lots come from my children, like my first solo venture on this site, the Emoogency Services collection.

I had a fantastic art teacher at school and his training set me up for life, with a stopover at St Martins College – the University of the Arts in London. I actually started out doing signwriting and murals for pubs and businesses all over the country.

The cows? I did a caricature of a friendly smiley cow on Sam’s wall when we were preparing his nursery. Everyone loved it and I painted more (and more). Now look what’s happened!

People often want to know the what and how. I mostly paint in oils but I like to incorporate things like glass gems and real hay into my work. This can involve having to apologise to the printers when they see my originals. There are times when I really need to work in solitude but my Jack Russell terrier Cinders is a good studio companion and always seems interested in what I’m doing. I hope you enjoy my work as much as she does.

Caroline Shotton Online Store

Only available from my online store here at carolineshotton.com, I am proud to present my new set of prints and originals
Emoogency Services! Available individually as signed and numbered limited edition prints on box canvas, supplied with a certificate of authenticity or original oil on canvas paintings. I have also reserved prints 1 - 5 of each painting for sale as a complete set of three.

I really hope you enjoy my new series of paintings. Available in the UK to buy online. For international sales, please contact me to arrange a quote for delivery.

FREE UK DELIVERY - estimated 2 weeks delivery time

Emoogency Services Boxed Canvas Prints - Limited Edition - 50 Prints  - 32"x32"
£ 449.00 Paramoodic
© Caroline Shotton
£ 449.00 Policemoo
© Caroline Shotton
£ 449.00 Firemoo
© Caroline Shotton
To buy please go to the Order Form
Emoogency Services Set of 3 Boxed Canvas Prints - Limited Edition - only 5 sets available  - 32"x32"
£ 1,200.00 Set of all 3 Boxed Canvas Emoogency Services Prints
© Caroline Shotton
To buy please go to the Order Form
Emoogency Services Boxed Canvas Originals - 39.5"x39.5"
£ 3,499.00 Paramoodic Original Canvas
© Caroline Shotton
£ 3,499.00 Policemoo Original Canvas
© Caroline Shotton
£ 3,499.00 Firemoo Original Canvas
© Caroline Shotton
To buy please go to the Order Form

Latest News

After a long time with Washington Green and Castle Galleries, it’s time to strike out on my own. 

I wanted my first solo venture to be a really fun set of paintings, and I spent a long time thinking about how I could follow-up on ‘We Can Be Heroes’, based on my own children wearing super-hero costumes. They are closely linked to two of my other favourites, SpiderMoo and BatMoo.

Kids love dressing up and imagining, and the real emergency services, everyday heroes in their own right, was an obvious answer. So here they are: Policemoo, Firemoo and Paramoodic, available as limited edition prints, a very limited edition set of three with matching numbers, or originals, each with a certificate of authenticity.

This is a big venture for me, and I’m relying on word of mouth to spread the message. carolineshotton.com is now the only place where you can buy my new originals and prints, although I’m hoping to link up with some independent galleries soon.

I hope you enjoy these paintings as much as I’ve enjoyed thinking about them and creating them for you. They are ready to order NOW with free delivery of my first new prints two weeks from today.

Sign up for news updates here and look out for my next release. Spoiler alert! It’s possible that the uniform theme might continue…

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